Thai food is one of the best tourist attractions for tourists in Thailand. People go to Thailand to taste the mouthwatering street food and Thai cuisine. A trip to Thailand would be incomplete if one does not try the food. A similar story has been reported in Thailand. It is a true story of a 24 year old girl Anna. She comes to meet her Thai boyfriend in Thailand. However, Anna’s day on the streets of Thailand turned out to be the most dreadful day of her life. Her enticing journey on the streets of Thailand was a really bad experience of her life.

The true story of Anna is summed up in this short film. It revolves around her day on the streets of Thailand eating all sorts of mouthwatering food. In the beginning the video appears to some sort of joke where the 24 year old eats like a horse. The taxi driver, waiter at the hotel, the vender and the nurse who checked her condition shared their comments about Anna. They all knew nothing about her. She was a lovely young woman who was a tourist in the country. These people were interviewed after Anna was struck with a jaw bone syndrome. The nurse said that she has never seen a young woman who eats like that. A pretty face like her, suffering from a life altering disease is not something one would ever like to see in his/ her lifetime. All the witnesses were amazed the way ate she like ‘a starving ogre’.


Even her Thai boyfriend was amazed the way she ate all day. It was like, the more she ate the more she wanted. The news outlets and the short film report it as a true story. At the end of the day, Anna was paralyzed by Jawbone Syndrome. It happened while she was eating the food.
The doctor said that he cannot do anything about her condition. Anna’s body refused to digest the food.
The tourists should be well-aware about the Jawbone Syndrome. The short film is a lesson for all the tourists who come to Thailand for food. It is a serious warning to take all the necessary precautions before indulging into the mouth-watering Thai food.
In the meantime, all we can do is pray for the beautiful Anna or Anna Conda whose journey in Thailand turned out to be a sour one.

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