Medical tourism is still in its early stages. Thus, there are a lot of challenges that require attention. As a result, it is a difficult task to gather the most accurate data on global health care, international medical travel and international patient experience.
The figures of medical tourists annually have shown a substantial growth in the Medical Tourism industry. The estimates of these medical tourists range from $50 billion to $65 billion last year in 2014. The growth is expected to continue to about 20%. The correct statistics are not clear yet. However, these estimates show a potential for medical tourism in years to come.
The current statistics of medical tourism show that 6 billion people from all over the world travel from one country to another. People who travel within the country for medical tourism are more than 10 billion per year.


  • In 2013, about 2.5 million patients from foreign countries were reported to travel to the hospitals in Thailand. More than 520,000 international patients received medical treatment in Thailand.
  • Singapore is the most thriving medical tourism center in the South East. Approximately, 850,000 medical tourists were reported to arrive in Singapore, back in the year 2012.
  • In Latin America, Panama and Costa Rica to be more specific are becoming well-known tourist spots for medical travelers.
  • In 2011, about 40,000 foreign patients sought help in Costa Rica.
  • Mexico being close to the US is now one of the top rated medical tourism destinations. Nearly, 40,000 to 80,000 seniors of America spend their retirement age in Mexico. A considerable number of elderly receives care, health care and nursing.
  • Malaysia is also a famous destination for medical tourists and travelers. In 2013, 770,134 medical travelers were reported in Malaysia.
  • Another hot spot for medical tourism is India. In 2012, 166,000 international patients were reported in the third world country due to an upgraded medical infrastructure and skilled doctors.






Some satisfied patients have reported to save about 25 percent to 75 percent on the types of medical services that can reach to 90 percent. However, savings in the medical tourism industry vary from one country to another and on the type of medical procedure. The facts and statistics of medical tourism represent a bright future for the industry. Healthcare companies are making plans to save up to 70% on medical cost by providing offshore medical cures and treatments. Even insurance companies are collaborating with a number of global healthcare companies to deliver maximum benefits.

According to a survey conducted in 2012 by Nikko Asset Management, Asia has topped in gaining medical tourist attraction while Thailand has become world’s biggest medical tourism destination.  Thailand welcomes 3 million medical tourists every year to generate huge revenue of $3.73 billion. There are multiple reasons why patients are attracted to Thailand with such a huge magnitude. Some major advantages to visit Thailand for medical procedures are discussed in the article: 8 Reasons why Thailand is best for medical tourism.

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