Joint Commission International (JCI) works to make the patient, health care better with higher standards of safety. It offers publications, advisory sales, education and international accreditation and certification in the international community. JCI has a partnership with academic medical centers, clinics and hospitals in more than 100 countries of the world. It works to improve the government ministries, health systems, health agencies, international advocates and academia to sponsor high standards of health care. The Joint Commission International (JCI) helps all the organizations to deliver the best solutions to achieve top performances.

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There are so many organizations that have the Gold Seal of Approvals. These organizations are accredited by JCI. It supports all of its accredited entities to serve better and fulfill the primary health care.

JCI has an understanding of the unique challenges of patient care that are presented by the diverse cultures and local needs. The primary focus is on the highest standards of patient care. The results bare improved standards and they have earned the respect of being the leaders in health care all over the world.

The organizations that are accredited by JCI get more than just accreditation. JCI works with its accredited organizations to keep up with the standards and provide guidance on the improving the performance that is promoted by the JCI.

JCI has recently published the 5th edition of its accreditation standards for the hospitals. It addresses the academic medical centers and hospitals along with the challenges aimed to preserve the quality care.
The Joint Commission International differentiates itself from the competitors by providing organizations accreditation through one network application. It keeps its pace with the dynamics of the global health care consisting of the standards accepted by the GOLD Seal of Approval.
The international team of JCI along with its expertise positions themselves as the leaders to take up the practices in order to deliver the best local care. The important functions determine the standards that are common to all the global health organizations. Moreover, the organization of the standards used all over the world on a large scale and has been approved by testing, application and scientific study.

JCI s of three advisory councils, namely:

  • Middle East
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • North America

These JCI councils work alongside the international health care organizations, ministries of health, governmental agencies, public health agencies and many others to improve the safety of patient in each region.

The advisory panels spread awareness of important items like as follows:

  • Regional health care quality
  • Cultural needs, values, and requirements
  • Health financing
  • Patient safety
  • Health policy issues






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