How To Take Care Of Yourself After Surgery While Travelling In Thailand

Medical tourism has made a significant impact on global healthcare. Every year about $300 million on medical procedures are spent by only 15 thousand Australian medical tourists who visited Thailand. Thailand is world’s leading medical tourism destination with $4.5 Billion revenue generation only for medical tourism. As reported in 2013, a total of 3 million people visited Thailand only for medical reasons. The figure is continuously growing with the huge average of 15 percent per annum.


The need of medical tourism triggered when procedures are not available in their countries. However, this scenario is changing because of certain reasons.

  • People are visiting underdeveloped countries because of the cheap price of same medical procedures offered as compared to their own regions.
  • They prefer their medical procedures get done from Thailand to get a time out of their routine along with availing cheaper price options.


Post-Operative Measures

In the Thailand, medical tourists are offered with a complete packages from hospital expenses, pick and drop and five star stay during the recovery period. However, medical procedures are involved with risks when traveling abroad. The bigger concern is post-operative care. Conventionally, At least two to four weeks of critical care span are required for complete recovery while patients need to visit their surgeon for six to ten times of following year. Due to rising medical tourism in Thailand, hospitals cater their tourist patients with five star stay by top of the line rooms to rest during the recovery period.

  • However, lying on side of pool after surgery can harm stitches and prone to infection and swelling of the treated area. It’s better to stay inside within medical observation and avoid too much sun exposure.
  • Avoid smoking, alcohols and other caffeine containing products for at least 2 weeks in order to stay away from post-operative complications.
  • Suspend medications for blood thinning, pain killers, herbal supplements. They react to cause prolonged bleeding.
  • One of the most common post-operative factors are motion sickness. As the patient is a medical tourist in Thailand, therefore taking adequate rest is crucial to get full recovery within 4-6 weeks.
  • Medical tourists should bring a family member or a close person as 24 hour attendant with them. Healing ratio after surgery varies from person to person.
  • Post-ops side-effects include varied pain thresholds, mood swings, and fatigue for minimum 1 week. Arranging childcare and taking a full rest is better to get a quick heal and get back home early.

As Thailand’s medical procedures are done under qualified surgeons of top-notch hospitals, high-end technology and trained physicians of global level. Post-operative recovery can be easily managed within four to six weeks. The patient can travel back home after given span.

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